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5 Reasons to join us in our fight to be in the Final Four!

  1. The first reason is that there can only be winner, as with any ice hockey game there are no draws, but the stakes are higher this time round! 8 teams are currently in the fight for the Final Four, but there can only be one winner in Coventry on the 1st April – meaning that every game is intense, important and integral in our final push!
  2. 2 Points per game for #12 Kieran Brown, with firing power like Brown’s as well as other high scoring forwards like Adam Barnes, Cole Shudra and Matty Davies – every game has plenty of goals!
  3. We only have 3 home games left this season! Don’t miss your chance to watch the Knights in action as you’ve never seen before, this time in the playoffs!
  4. The Final Four, 4 teams make it to Coventry and we of course want to be there! Lets get the rink packed and be loud and proud for your Leeds Knights and will them on to the finals weekend!
  5. 5 wins in our last 7 games! In our last 7 games we’ve won 5, only losing to league champions Telford Tigers and the Steeldogs in our final game of the season. We share Group A with the Tigers, but we haven’t lost to MK Lightning or Bees IHC since the 9th January and the 31st October respectively, having only lost a combined 3 times against the two throughout the year!


This is the first time that play-off hockey comes to Leeds, and with every game as important as the next its sure to be full of action and extremely competitive every step of the way! Tickets are available for ALL playoff home fixtures here.