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Aldridge’s Look Ahead VS Basingstoke Bison 15/16th October

Hey Knights fans,

I hope you have had a great week and looking forward to another solid weekend of Hockey.

It’s another tough weekend for the boys with a long trip down south, ‘Bisonland’ is a hard place to play for so many different reasons and I’m sure with the team that Ash has built its only going to be tougher this year.

We are going into Basingstoke to play against a well-structured team, and we need to be ready from the start and will need to play our best for 60 minutes if we want to have success, playing a full 60 is something we have not done in recent weeks.

Then the long road home back to Leeds, we’ll need to get some rest and back with them on Sunday at the Castle where again we are in for another good game of hockey.

Last weekend was an awkward one with only one game, I thought we played great for 40 minutes and didn’t play/compete hard enough in the 3rd. but without being on the ice the day before I was happy the boys did what was needed and got the two points.

As always bring the noise to the Castle and we’re all excited for another two games of hockey!