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Leeds Knights Confirmed As New Name

The Leeds Ice Hockey Club are delighted to be announcing the name of the team will be the Leeds Knights. After taking over as owner, Steve Nell and felt it was an appropriate time to change the name of the team and couldn’t be more delighted to have come up with the Knights name.

As you can see from the new logo, the rebrand has been thoroughly thought through and has many links to Leeds and the wider area. Firstly, the standout blue, white and yellow colour scheme has remained.

The typeface is sharp and ties into the medieval theme which is supported by the Knight figurehead at the heart of the logo. 

At the bottom of the logo, and perhaps the most important feature on it, is the White Rose. A symbol which everyone from Yorkshire is proud of. It was adopted in the 14th century as a heraldic badge of the royal House of York, which has become a symbol of the county ever since.

Steve Nell was happy with how the logo has come out, and hopes all fans of the Knights feel the same.

“It was important for the logo to have the local feel to it. The colour scheme and the rose in particular are symbols of Leeds and Yorkshire and I wanted to make sure they were at the heart of what we were doing. The Knights name is one I’m really excited about and I hope the fans are as well”

“It’s a new era for hockey in Leeds and we thought it was a great time to go with a new name from the start. This is an important day in the history of our club, and I cannot wait for opening game to see the Knights hit the ice for the first time.