Own & Loans available NOW on our online store!

A couple of weeks ago we launched our Own & Loan program, and we are overwhelmed with the amazing response and support from the best fans in the league!

We are excited to announce that you can now purchase Own & Loan jerseys from our online store, making the process quicker and easier for you. The following players are currently available:
Yellow – Sam Zajac, Ethan Hehir and Jordan Griffin
Blue – Sam Gospel, Jordan Griffin and Adam Barnes
Black – Sam Zajac, Ethan Hehir, Cole Shudra, Jordan Griffin and Adam Barnes

However, there may be more jerseys that become available from some of our already re-signed 22-23 players as well as an updated list when future players are announced – The list may even get update this Wednesday… so keep your eyes peeled!

Once again, thanks to everybody that has got involved with our Own & Loan program so far, and to those of you that are unsure what this amazing program is, you can read all about the benefits here. If the above interests you, you can put your stamp on your favourite players back by purchasing your Own & Loan now!