As ice hockey grows in popularity all over the UK, many are discovering what a fun and thrilling event a Knights game can be!

Ice hockey is a great sport
Whether you’re new to the sport or a long-standing fan, ice hockey is one of the most fun sports to see live. Newcomers can expect a game divided into three twenty-minute periods, with plenty of action, which is a big plus for families with kids who sometimes have a short attention span.

This fast-paced game always offers edge-of-your-seat entertainment with a fun and exciting atmosphere. Knights games offer you and your family a chance to experience an exhilarating sport amongst many friendly and passionate fans – you won’t be able to stop yourself from cheering along!

Family friendly atmosphere
Ice hockey provides an enjoyable evening of entertainment for your family, and the game is already loved by families all over the country. The games vary in time but begin no later than early evening, meaning they won’t keep you or the kids out too late! Ice hockey is also a great indoor activity to enjoy throughout the winter!

The action-packed nature of the sport is something that every member of the family can get into. At a Leeds Knights game, fans can even meet the players after the game, with some players often being available for signings. Those rink side can even fist bump a player as they step out onto the ice. It is also possible to receive a birthday shout out should you request one ahead of the game. Wrap up warm and get ready to watch talented players speed up and down the rink – as the puck flies you’ll be grateful for the Perspex barrier surrounding the rink. There’s a chance you could still be hit, so be sure to keep an eye on the puck at all times!

Good value
Aside from being one of the most exciting live sport experiences, it is also one of the best value experiences too. Knights ice hockey games offer special-priced standing and seated tickets for children, carers and more, there are also family ticket prices that encourage the whole family to get involved for a discounted price. Tickets are exceptionally easy to book online!

Why not bring the family to our home game! It’ll be a great night to remember!