The Morley Glass Leeds Knights are excited to announce the return of #3 Bailey Perre as he joins the club on a two-way deal with Leeds Knights 2.

Bailey has been a fan-favourite of fans at The Castle and he's staying on for another season! This two-way deal will see Bailey share his time in the NIHL as well as the NIHL1 North. This is the start of a new development pathway that will see Bailey earn increased ice-time with Leeds Knights 2, while still being an important piece of our 24/25 roster.

Here's a further insight on this development pathway and the re-signing of Bailey, from Head Coach Ryan Aldridge - "Bringing Bailey back was a must. He is a massive part of our room and plays every night with his heart on his sleeve. Having Bailey play in both teams is massive for his development right now. He will get to play in key situations that he doesn’t get so much time on in our team. For me he will be getting the best of both worlds and will be a huge part to both teams in two different ways."

We're in July now and the season start is growing nearer and nearer, with Bailey Perre looking forward to his 24/25! - "I can't wait to get back in front of the fans for my third season at The Castle! I'm excited for the opportunities and the development that comes with being a part of Leeds Knights 1 and 2 and hopefully we can secure some trophies along the way!"