The Morley Glass Leeds Knights would like to announce our first themed jersey of the season, in honour of Down Syndrome Awareness month this October:

We have partnered with Sunshine and Smiles - Leeds Down Syndrome Network, that aim to improve the lives and opportunities for children and young people with Down syndrome aross the city. They also offer speech and language therapy, regular groups and activities, individual support and advocacy for families, as well as raising awareness and challenging preconceptions in the wider community. You can find out more here.

Ailith Harley-Roberts is the Service Delivery Manager of this amazing charity and she’s responsible for the day to day running of the charity as well as being a founding member of Sunshine and Smiles. We have worked closely with Ailith as we aim to raise awareness of their Charity, as well as this, we will also be making a donation to Sunshine and Smiles.

Ahead of Down Syndrome Awareness Month and our Down Syndrome Awareness games, we caught up with Ailith – “We are very grateful to have been asked to partner with Morley Glass Leeds Knights in October for International Down Syndrome Awareness month. We are a small local charity and we are very excited for the opportunity to raise awareness of our work and we are very much looking forward to being at the games in October!' 

With our Managing Director Warwick Andrews adding – “We’re delighted to be supporting a local charity and raising awareness for a cause that is close to the Leeds Knights Players, Staff and Fans – and we can’t wait for you to get behind the team and support the team from Sunshine and Smiles throughout October.”

At the Leeds Knights we are dedicated to being a part of and benefitting our community and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. There is another reason we have chosen to partner with Sunshine and Smiles, which is our #37 Matt Barron. Matt’s sister, Natalie, has Down Syndrome and we wanted to show our support for Matt and his family, with a special jersey being ordered for Matt and Natalie, that will see Matt wear ‘#37 Natalie’ at our Down Syndrome Awareness games on Saturday 21st October VS Bees and Sunday 29th October VS Telford Tigers.

On our partnership with Sunshine and Smiles for this Down Syndrome jersey, and his sister Natalie, Matt had this to say – “Partnering with Sunshine and Smiles for our Down Syndrome Awareness games is something I’m really excited about! They do so much to help people living with Down Syndrome which means a lot to me. My sister Natalie was born with Down Syndrome, and I’ve learned so much from her throughout my life. She’s someone I look up to and it makes me very proud to be able to wear these jerseys and support such a great cause!”

This jersey has been designed with Down Syndrome Awareness and Sunshine and Smiles at the forefront, with the ribbon symbol for Down Syndrome Awareness across the shoulder panel and front panel of the jersey, with Sunshine and Smiles logo underneath. The jersey is white, with a blue stripe on each arm, with matching socks to go with the jerseys to complete the look.

Jerseys will be available in 4 different ways – 

Replica Jerseys will be on sale, with orders before the 2nd October arriving for our Down Syndrome Awareness games - Order yours HERE

SOHB: 3x Jerseys will be available on both the 21st and 29th October.

Raffall: 5x Jerseys will be available in a jumbo Raffall online.

Auction: 11x Jerseys will be available in an online auction.

We will announce whose jerseys are available by which method in the coming days/weeks.